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Staying connected with your team

The most important part of being a good team leader is the ability to stay connected with your own team – anytime and anywhere, whenever they need their leader and whenever you need your team mate.

The core job as a team leader in your direct sales business is to be able to develop a network and system that can be used to connect with your team.

The temptation for many is to rely on one method of communication that happens to be your personal favorite such as an email or a text.

The truth is that a comprehensive communication network is made up of several parts.

Effective direct sales training relies on how you are being able to understand the limitations and requirements of each member in your team. Developing an effective communication network also requires a comprehensive understanding of your team and the way it operates.

Use the Phone to Motivate

You could motivate by text or email but nothing beats a personalized phone call! A phone call is necessary to hear what the emotions are behind the statement.

A leader who coaches their team to success calls them by phone! Whether it is a cellular phone number or a landline, you need to have one phone number for each team member. Make sure that the phone number you get is one that the team member uses or can get messages from on a regular basis. Personal communication is essential in any team network.

Use Social Networking to Motivate

The chances are very good that most of your team members are on one of the popular social networking platforms. You should gather them into a group and use that as a mode of communication. However, not every person that uses the Internet is comfortable with social networking.

To remedy that, you can create a personal message board or group just for your team that will be the place where you post messages and communicate with team members. If you make the board exclusive only to team members, then your associates will feel more comfortable signing up for the board and they will use it.

Use Direct Sales business training sessions

In direct sales business training meetings, it can be difficult to get the entire team together on a regular basis. However, when you are able to assemble a dedicated team of people you can rely on, you can then create a regular meeting schedule that will also act as a form of communication. A meeting that is scheduled for monthly or every other week would be something that most people can fit into their schedule. You can use these meetings for direct sales training and as ways to interact with your team members.

Use different models of communication

Effective leaders use multiple forms of communication to reach out to their consultants. One of the mistakes that direct sales business owners make is assuming that everyone uses the same mode of communication. When you use different forms of communication with your team, just like you do for your host, you have a better chance of connecting.

Make the most out of your educational investments by teaching your team how to recruit and how to be leaders at the same time.

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