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Never quit, Change the System

No one said conquering Mount Everest was an easy task; neither is building a career in Direct Sales. If you are not getting the results you want in your direct selling business, so don’t throw in the towel, get back into the ring with a new strategy and new effective moves.

People never fail; only strategies and plans fail.

The most effective direct sales business success strategy is to do what other successful businesses do. All successful businesses are founded on systems. Some systems work better than others.

Let’s take the business of technology or manufacturing, the system of the assembly line has been incorporated into almost every factory operation. Today, tomato soup, couches, clothing, and even your Jumbo Vada Pav is created using the assembly line system. The system of making cars prior to Henry Ford did not work well.

Many people think that Henry Ford invented the car, but really he only invented the system that made the car affordable. Before that, the system to make cars was one at a time, slowly, and very cost prohibitive. Instead of quitting like most manufacturers of his time did, Henry Ford found a new system.

It is not uncommon for direct Sales Distributors to get discouraged and quit. Frequently, they feel as though they failed. What actually happens is the business system they were using failed, not them personally.

In the direct sales businesses, most people are taught the system of asking friends and family which helps them kick off their businesses. The plan is to schedule meeting with your friends and family and to find more business at these meeting.

Sometimes this a good way to go about but sometimes it might not work.

How many businesses do you know who rely on friends and family for income?

How many businesses do you know that start out with six to 10 customers, and then expect those customers to bring them the rest of their business?

This is a start-up system that is prone to failure.

A system is a mode of operation that creates a protocol for operation. All successful companies use the strategy of creating or finding a system that works for their operation. Companies that do not have good systems usually operate in a state of chaos. Good systems will effectively generate sales, business, or operations with greater success, profit, and effort than poor systems.

There is always more than one system, so finding the one that works for you sometimes means trying new things, participating in training, and networking with other like-minded professionals.

A system of planned meetings, follow ups and referrals that works will reduce cancellations, increase sales, make the act of direct sales leader easier, and most likely more enjoyable. A system of lead generation that provides an unlimited supply of new business on an ongoing basis is one that will ensure success and reduce failure.

When your direct sales business operates with systems that match your personality, product line, and services, business will become more efficient. You will be able to do the same amount or more with less effort.

Deriving inspiration from the likes of Henry Ford or India’s business icon Ratan Tata, you will become streamlined.
When you no longer worry about where to find bookings because you have an unlimited supply of business, you will have time to train your sales team. When your direct sales referral program generates a higher show average, you will spend less time out of the house and make more money.

If you are not getting the results you want from your business, think about trying a new system.

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