Sunday - 26 May 2019
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About Us

QonnectNow is an independent online news portal owned by Kaydence Media Ventures. The news portal is India’s first news, features and information platform for representatives & distributors in the Direct Selling Industry in India.

Our mission is to be the voice of the ‘Distributor & Representative’ in the Direct Selling Industry in India.

FICCI report titled “Direct 2015: Direct Selling – Mapping the industry across Indian states” published in 2015 stated that the direct selling industry is projected to achieve a growth of Rs 645 billion by 2025.

Our vision is to educate and get people in India and globally to understand the direct selling business model. Our articles will provide an in-depth analysis of the current issues facing direct selling as well as the companies that embody the entrepreneurial spirit of the industry.

You will find informative stories on how direct sellers are faring throughout India and Globally. You will learn about new trends and technologies affecting the industry.

We will turn the focus on pioneering companies, start-up enterprises and success stories that inspire growth of the Direct Selling Industry.